Thursday, July 1, 2010

KEYES our last name....

Before I was married, my last name was DeJong (De Young). It's dutch, some people thought it was chinese, until they saw us. For the last almost 9 years, I have been a Keyes (Kize). We are usually called Keys. Everyone asks why we pronounce our last name Keyes (Kize) when it is spelled like Keys. Hello people! There is an E in there. It just makes me laugh. It's EYES with a K infront of it. I really don't care if I am called Melanie Keys, it's just funny when people tell me why they think it's KEYS. I got the best one the other day, and that's why I am here writing about it. Because I thought it was too too funny! This person said "Did I say your name wrong?" I told this person it's Keyes (KIZE). This person's response was "Oh, because it's spelled like Keys, with an E thrown in there." REALLY?? That E in there means that my last name is not Keys. FUNNY!!! My husband served his mission in California, and his comps would always say "KEYS if you please". And that's where this blog address comes from...just with the last name spelled right. So I guess I am confusing everyone if you say the blog address in a rhyme. Keys just makes me laugh.

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