Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 7th Bday this week Alyssa

My oldest is turning 7 this week! She decided on having a Zhu Zhu Pet birthday party. Last year was a bunny, I am glad these hamster friends aren't alive, she can have as many as she wants!! I found some Zhu Zhu pet cupcake ideas on the Internet and copied them. They were silly, but Alyssa was very happy with them. She even had to make a hamster mask and wore all brown so she would look like a hamster, she is so creative...and crazy! Her Grandma gave her Jilly and Nugget, and a house for them to be in, with attachments for their house. The kids and I got her a new hamster named Tex. He is cute! We also got other attachments for the hamster house. It was fun having a theme and getting only those things. Alyssa did get some darling clothes from her Grandma and Aunt Mandy. Alyssa is so smart and is growing way too fast!! I am so glad I have her!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Favorite things....

We started off the month of March by getting out our fire pit. We have spent several nights roasting Marshmellows and one night we roasted hot dogs for dinner. The girls like to tell stories around the "camp fire" and their stories always have to do with Super Hero's. They are the funniest off the wall stories, and they go on and on and on... We also like to look for airplanes flying above us. Living near the Airforce Base, there are tons of jets and big planes. I think I eat the most roasted marshmellows! YUM!! If the marshmellows catch on fire, we flick them in the grass, and the girls think it is so funny! We love being outside, we love spring and summer, and we love spending time together as a family. Sometimes I think we spend too much time together..... but it's so fun!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Peter Pan Play

Alyssa decided that she wanted to be in the Peter Pan Play at school. Not only did she just want to be in the play, but she wanted a speaking part. So she had to sing a song infront of the the PTA and also recite a poem or something she memorized. Her song was "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. And she memorized a Nursery Rhyme, One Two Three four five, Once I caught a fish alive..... She got the part of a mermaid named "Jelly". Her part is "You too Wendy, catch!" The mermaids are teasing Wendy. Alyssa will be throwing a ball at Wendy or blowing bubbles at her. She has learned 6 songs and does a dance with all the other mermaids.
Part of being a mermaid in the Peter Pan play means she needs a costume. We could have bought one at the store that had the Ariel on it, but we wanted one that was nice for Alyssa, since she has a speaking part. I bought some material and was going to make the costume with my good friend Krystal, but she had kids with RSV and she got sick (hope your getting better Krystal). So Cass and I decided that we could do it. And this is what we came up with. We make a good team! I was the sewer and Cass was the cutter. It was fun. My neighbor is going to surge the edges of the fins and it will be done. The top is a swimming suit. Alyssa will have to wear a shirt under it. She'll have hawaiian type flowers in her hair and flower necklace. I am very pleased with it, and Alyssa LOVES it!!