Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Great Debate

Saturday Nov 22nd is the big game! The Keyes are big time Ute fans, and the DeJong's are BYU fans. Tanner already has a BYU onsie that he likes to sport. It doesn't make Cassidy very happy, but what can he do, he doesn't dress the baby. Cassidy says that if the Utes win, there will be NO talk of BYU in our home ever again. I say "dito". NO talk of the Utes in our home. No more red shirts, no more talk of needing a Red UofU hoodie. It's all blue! Boys look better in blue anyway. When Daddy is not in the room, the girls chant "BYU BYU BYU" But once Daddy comes in its "Go Utes Go Utes" I'm having fun with it, Cass isn't laughing. GO BYU!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween and Happy blessing day

Halloween has come and gone for another year. This year was fun with the kids being a bit older. 3 kids is 3X the candy, great! Before we got Anna's costume we asked her what she wanted to be for halloween, she said "Dumbo". She loves elephants and calls them all Dumbo. We thought we'd look for an elephant costume. We went to Savers the week before halloween (we had never been in the store before) Cass was looking through the halloween costumes, and there was a Dumbo one. Perfect! She loved it. All the girls had fun. We had Tigger, Dumbo, a cowgirl, and a skeleton. All very different things, last year we had 3 pretty ballerinas.
Tanner's baby blessing was very nice, Cassidy did a really good job. Tanner looks so handsome in his little tuxedo. I love playing dress up with my little boy.