Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tanner is 2 !!!

On September 22, 2008 I was blessed with the sweetest baby boy, and now he has turned 2!!!!It's bitter sweet. I want him to stay my baby boy forever, but at the same time, the older he gets, the funner he is. He still won't talk to most people. He gets really shy and embarrased for people to hear him talk. Tonight he finally said infront of his Daddy "I am Tanner" and "I am two". He goes around saying "Go Utes" and "Hi" and "Bye". Those 3 things are about the only things he'll say around other people. He'll try and repeat most words that I ask him to- It's so fun hearing him talk.

His favorite animal is a Horse. He's obsessed! He loves playing with his horse toys, and he pretends to be a horse all the time. We bought a new horse movie called "Flicka 2" He watches the whole movie and pretends the whole time that he is a horse. He is like a wild mustang!! He'll also pretend to be a dog and give me wet doggie kisses. When he wants people to follow him (when he is Tanner and not pretending to be an animal) he will try and snap his fingers and he kinda whistles for whoever to follow him. It's pretty funny. And when he isn't playing with his horses, he loves to look at books and also play with cars and airplanes. He loves looking in the sky to see all the planes that go by. He is fascinated with the jets and huge airforce planes. We see a lot since we're by Hill Airforce base.
Tanner loves his sisters. He calls them Sissa (Alyssa) Nannie (Aniston/Anna) and Babbie (Abbie). He plays with them all the time and loves hitting them and then giving them big hugs and kisses afterwards. The name we call him most is TAK (Tanner Andrew Keyes) it seems to fit him well. We also call him Mack. Just a take off from TAK.

He's my sweet boy and I'm so glad he is part of our little family!
P.S. Note to self: STOP buying cakes with black and green frosting!!!!!