Saturday, May 14, 2011

Turning 8 is Great!!!

It has finally happened! Something I have not been looking forward to.....Alyssa turned 8!! Yes, 8 is great if you are the one turning 8, it's an exciting year......but for a Mom to have their oldest child turn 8, how sad! Why has it gone so fast? Since 8 is such a big milestone, Alyssa got to have her very first Friend Birthday Party. It was so much fun! The girls tie-dyed canvas tote bags, suprisingly it was not messy at all! And all the bags turned out great! I would recommend it to anyone for a birthday party! They also played Freeze Dance, once the music stops, you freeze and stop dancing, that was a big hit, and Alyssa's idea. Alyssa was baptized 2 weeks ago on April 30th. It was such a great day! Alyssa had so many family and friends that came out to support her, and that made it even more special! She says she wishes she could be baptized everyday....I wish I could too! Alyssa is so much fun to have around! Besides going through growing pains that last few months, she is so funny! She has me laughing all the time and it always doing silly things and making up songs or games or activities. She is so nutty! She is very smart, and really does like school....even if she tells you other wise. She is enjoying piano lessons, and has now been in piano for 1 year. She has come along way and is doing great! We love you Alyssa!! Stay tuned for my next post.....Alyssa wanted a chicken for her birthday, so we got one for everyone in the family. They are 6 weeks old....except for Tanners...his first chicken had to be replaced, his new one is 5 weeks! So they are just about ready to go outside, which I am glad for because they are getting stinky! Post will come shortly!