Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome Baby Tanner

Tanner came a little early. He suprised us all. I woke up at 3:30am on Monday September
22nd and my water broke. Labor and delivery went very well, baby was born at 2:29pm. He
was 7 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long. He came out very alert looking around and had his mouth wide open trying to find some food. Sisters love him, a little too much. I'll post more pictures of baby with sisters soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New home

Here are some pictures of the outside of our new home. I love all the flowers, plants, trees, and garden. We've had tons of tomatoes and zucinni in the week we've been there. The peach tree is a big hit with the kids. I love gardening, so this is perfect for me. We finished the kids room. New paint, carpet, base molding and chair rail. Cass did an awesome job!! It's a good size room, the girls will fit in there until we get the addition finished (we're going to turn the carport into 2 kids rooms, since there are only 2 rooms upstairs). One project at a time. Thanks for everyone who volunteered to help us move. Cass and my Dad loaded everything in the garage and we brought in one box at a time. We'll invite you all over soon.
Alyssa started school and loves it, she gets to ride the bus, so she feels like such a big kid. She already has lots of friends. Abbie and Anna loved going to church today, they weren't the only kids in nursery. They are loving their new house.
We are scheduled to have the baby on Monday September 29th. The closer it comes, the more nervous I am getting about having 4 kids. It seems like such a handful. We'll let everyone know as soon as baby comes. If you don't here from us this week, the 29th it is! YIKES!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day (Lucky me I don't have to do much). The old home owners are gone, they lived in the house for 26 years, they were sad to be leaving. It's where they raised their children. When we first went through the house it was nice and clean (small, but nice). Now they are gone and there's so much work that needs to be done. It needs a lot of updating. So we'll be busy. I was rushing baby to come, but now if he waits 2 weeks, it will be okay. At my Dr's appt on Monday, I was dialated to a 2, and 70% thinned. It's a start. No one is letting me do anything, so I won't go into labor because we are moving. I love the backyard, and the garden. It's the best part. The peaches are almost ready, and there are a few pumpkins in the garden. We are HUGE pumpkin fans. We've missed not having a pumpkin patch the last few years. Alyssa starts school on Monday, she gets morning class, and her teachers name is Mrs. Kirshaw. She is very nervous and excited. I can't believe it's all finally here, it came so fast. The picture of the pumpkins are from our old pumpkin patch when we lived in Woods Cross.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are finally home owners again. We will start moving in on September 13th, and I'm hoping to have Alyssa start school on Monday the 15th. She is excited to start Kindergarten. We've had everything packed for the last year and a half, so all we really have to pack is our clothes. I'm sad to leave home again, this is where I grew up, and I love it here. My parents are great, and my kids love them. We'll miss them tons. We have pumpkins in the garden waiting for us, and peaches and pears on the trees. The backyard is my favorite part of the house. I'll show pictures as soon as I get some. I'm hoping baby comes right after we move in, I'd be okay with him coming now, the last month of being pregnant is always the worst, I'd be fine skipping it. Lots going on for us, new car, new house, new baby, new kindergartener. It's all happening at once, and I hope we're ready.