Monday, August 30, 2010

School Days!!

A new school year is finally here. This year Alyssa is in 2nd grade. We found out a few weeks before school started who her teacher was going to be. Miss Coleman, a teacher who is new to our school this year. Alyssa has had wonderful teachers for Kindergarten and 1st grade, I was a little nervous about a new teacher. When I walked Alyssa to her class on the first day of school, we saw her teacher and I was so excited. She is a cute young teacher. Our 2 previous teachers, who we love, were older, and I was so happy that Alyssa is going to get a young teacher this year. She is super nice and is so excited to be teaching 2nd grade. She thinks it's the best grade. Alyssa is an excellent student and loves to learn. She is so stinking smart! Her first homework packet came home today, she wizzed right through it. The teacher also sends a book home each night that the kids have to read and turn in the next day. On the envelope that the book came in, it said that the student needed to read the book 3 times or until they could read all the words on their own. I laughed because the first time Alyssa read it she didn't have a problem. I only made her read it twice because she didn't have a problem with it. She also came home doing sign language. She could spell her name, and I asked her to spell other words in sign. She got mixed up with M, N, and she couldn't remember T. So we called her Aunt, and got it straightened out. Her favorite subject in school is Art. She really really wants to do science.... like make an exploding Volcano type science. She will probably have to wait a few more years for that.
Abigail started her first day of Kindergarten today. I was so nervous for her, I kept telling her that she could stay home and not go to school, but she didn't listen. I drove her to the bus stop (it was raining) and the bus driver (who is super nice) helped her up in the bus and took her to her assigned seat, which is in the front row. Abigail's name was even above the seat. Then the bus drove away..... and I followed it! I got to the school and waited outside in the rain unti the bus came and Abigail got off and went to class. It was really hard to see her walking away to school. She is getting way too big! Then after school I walked to the bus stop and Alyssa and Abigail got off together. Abigail was so excited she couldn't walk with us. I guess we were going too slow. She had a wonderful day at school! She loved it! She learned about the letter A, and the number 1. They read books and played outside.
It was so wierd having Tanner and Aniston at home. I took them to the store for some donuts, we went home and Tanner took a nap all afternoon. So it was just me and Aniston. I let her paint her pumpkin that we had pulled out of the garden a few days before, she loved that! Next week Aniston will start Preschool, and I'll blink and she'll be in Kindergarten. At least I have Tanner around for 4 more years.