Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So much happening!

We just found out today that the Insurance is going to total (sp?) our car, damages started at $4,000 and kept going up. But at least they're giving us close to what we owe on it. The accident is really working out to be a blessing for us. We were going to have to sell it and get a bigger car, but were worried about owing more than what we could sell it for. Selling is such a hassle anyway.
We found a home in Layton that is going to be good for us. It's in our price range and it seems like a nice clean home. We are cutting it close for baby to come and Alyssa starting school. Closing is on Aug 27th, and we'll move in Sept 15. The owners are in the military, so they have to wait until they come and move all their things.

Things seem busy and hecktic right now, but it's all coming together. The girls are all doing good, they love this hot summer weather. In the picture Anna is eating a sour skittle.

Friday, July 25, 2008

crazy baby boy

This picture was taken at about 26 weeks pregnant (i'm 30 weeks now). Baby Boy Tanner has been so crazy in my belly, he's non stop! I can't believe the kind of movements he can make. Today it was his head or bum or some body part pushing out my right side, it hurt. Normally he is active around my belly button, it's almost like he is trying to dig his way out, it's really gross sometimes. You can feel these little body parts rubbing around, and he doesn't stop. I love being pregnant and feeling him move, but oh man! I think I'm in for a real active baby when he comes out. I'm hoping he's getting all his wiggles out now. But I've heard if they are wiggly inside, they come out that way. 10 weeks left, hopefully he'll have a little growth spurt and have less room to move. Yeah right!

Friday, July 18, 2008

You never know what will happen driving to church

On Sunday I was driving to church and was turning into the church parking lot when I got hit from behind. The truck that hit me was a brand new 2008 Ford Truck, the driver had just bought it the night before, he slowed down since I was turning, but with his new truck being bigger than his old car, and he looked down, he didn't judge his driving right. I didn't know it was coming, all I knew was that my foot was on the break and I was moving forward. Kinda scarey, since I was 28 weeks pregnant. Damages are still being estimated on the car. I have a nice 2008 Chevy Malibu rental car, still not as big as the Impala inside, the car seats are squished in. Luckily the girls rode to church with my parents. My Dad saw it happen and said something like "That guy just hit Melanie." The girls heard that and started crying. After they saw I was okay, they were worried about the car. All Anna would say for days is "My car broke". Abbie was mad at the driver that hit me, we had to explain about 50 times that it was an accident. I never expected to be in an accident going to church. It taught me a good lesson to always buckle up, and buckle the kids up even when I'm going around the corner, you never know what could happen. I keep thinking about the things that could have happened and how blessed we are that everything is okay.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Loosing her first tooth

Alyssa showed us on June 18th that she had a loose tooth. I thought she was too young so I called the Dentist, they said that the front bottom teeth come out between 5 and 6 years old. She was so excited to have a loose tooth. She was even more excited when it came out today. She thinks the tooth fairy will leave her $100. Grandpa gave her $5. The tooth fairy can probably match that. The first picture with the sticky note says "Alyssa has a loose tooth" She was so excited when she found it loose that she had to write it down.