Friday, July 25, 2008

crazy baby boy

This picture was taken at about 26 weeks pregnant (i'm 30 weeks now). Baby Boy Tanner has been so crazy in my belly, he's non stop! I can't believe the kind of movements he can make. Today it was his head or bum or some body part pushing out my right side, it hurt. Normally he is active around my belly button, it's almost like he is trying to dig his way out, it's really gross sometimes. You can feel these little body parts rubbing around, and he doesn't stop. I love being pregnant and feeling him move, but oh man! I think I'm in for a real active baby when he comes out. I'm hoping he's getting all his wiggles out now. But I've heard if they are wiggly inside, they come out that way. 10 weeks left, hopefully he'll have a little growth spurt and have less room to move. Yeah right!


Scott & Karin said...

Yeah...Park was the same way, and getting bigger and having less room to move doesn't seem to stop them! They move just as much, it just hurts more!

Samantha said...

You look so cute pregnant and your hair is really cute too!