Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So much happening!

We just found out today that the Insurance is going to total (sp?) our car, damages started at $4,000 and kept going up. But at least they're giving us close to what we owe on it. The accident is really working out to be a blessing for us. We were going to have to sell it and get a bigger car, but were worried about owing more than what we could sell it for. Selling is such a hassle anyway.
We found a home in Layton that is going to be good for us. It's in our price range and it seems like a nice clean home. We are cutting it close for baby to come and Alyssa starting school. Closing is on Aug 27th, and we'll move in Sept 15. The owners are in the military, so they have to wait until they come and move all their things.

Things seem busy and hecktic right now, but it's all coming together. The girls are all doing good, they love this hot summer weather. In the picture Anna is eating a sour skittle.

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Kyle said...

Wow, I kind of thought this accident could work to your advantage. Moving is a crazy stress, but congrats all the same. I would love to see the house if you want to post the MLS# or give me the address by phone of course. We are more than willing to be an extra hand in the move. We have about 10 to 15 flattened boxes if you need any. No matter what some people say about Layton I think it is one of the most awesome things to watch the fighter jets come and go from training. There is an automatic patriotism you feel. Trust me, it isn't like a train in your back yard and the only time I hear or see them is 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, but then again our swamp cooler drowns out my snoring at night... :)