Monday, August 4, 2008

Our new addition

This is our new car. It's not a minivan like I said I was going to get when I had 4 kids, but I think it will work just fine for us. We don't do much driving, so hopefully the gas doesn't eat us up. It's a 2004 Ford Expedition, Eddie Bauer Edition. We think we got a good deal, and since we couldn't get a loan because our home loan hasn't gone through yet, we had to pay cash, so the dealership gave us the price we wanted. Notice it's a WHITE vehicle. If you know us, all 4 cars we've ever owned have been WHITE. Oh well.

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The Hammonds said...

Hi Mel! It Ashley(used to be Isom) I found your blog from Karins and wanted to say hi. Congrads on your new baby coming!! You finally get a boy!! How exciting! I hope all is good with you and your family.