Sunday, August 17, 2008

Davis County Fair

We have made it a little family tradition to go to the Davis County Fair every year. The girls love the petting zoo and riding the horses. This year they found some snakes and a HUGE (yuck) trianchula spider. We were trying to keep Alyssa away from them. A month or so ago she saw one at the pet store and was frantically crying because she was so scared. We managed to keep her away from the spider for a little bit, but then she spotted it, and was a little nervous, but she saw a little girl holding it, so she wanted to. Then Abbie held it. To top it off, they went back later in the day to hold it again. Crazy girls! Cass and I would NEVER touch one. It was a really fun day, the girls had cotton candy and snow cones. YUM!

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BJ said...

You Jerks! You were supposed to call us when the fair was here. I guess we aren't as good of friends as I thought. Ouch.