Friday, November 12, 2010

Go Utes #1!

On Saturday Nov 6th, Cassidy and I woke up at 5am and headed to Rice Eccles Stadium for the ESPN College Game Day. It was a lot of fun. There were lots of great posters and Ute Outfits supporting our team. There were 2 TCU fans right next to us, and all the Ute fans around were giving them a hard time. It was fun cheering infront of the camera's and watching people go crazy! The guys right infront of us had some pretty funny posters, Their friends were texting them saying that they could see their posters on TV. So I bet Cassidy and I were in a few of those shots. We were in the crowd for 4 hours. The crowd cleared away pretty quickly and we were able to take some pictures. The Utah vs TCU game started at 1:30pm, I think we were in our seats at 11:30am. The game started and we knew we were in trouble....Utah didn't have very many good plays. We ended up leaving in the middle of the 3rd quarter, which is something I regret. If I am going to be a Ute fan (this is my first year) then I need to cheer for them win or lose. They did end up scoring after we left, but didn't have time to catch up. It's sad because they weree undefeated. We'll see how they do the rest of the season. Cassidy was able to go to all their home games except the upcoming BYU game. Maybe he'll get lucky and score some tickets! Tanner has been saying "Go Utes" for along time, he has recently added baby at the end. So it's "Go Utes Baby". He is as big a fan as his Dad...the girls too! The kids all wear their Ute shirts on game day... a few days later on Nov 9th was our 9 year wedding anniversary. It only took 8 years for Cassidy to convince me to be a Ute fan!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This year for Halloween I wanted 3 witches and a vampire. I'm thinking this was my last year to have the kids all dress in the same theme. Last year they were Ute Cheerleaders and Tanner was a Ute Football player. And another year I had 3 ballerina's. I think it's so fun when they match. But they are getting too old for me to tell them what they are going to be. As you can see in the picture, I didn't get my Vampire. And I kinda lost on the 3 witches too! Alyssa ended up being a Vampire. We had been looking everywhere for Tanner a vampire costume, no stores had them in his size. The last store we were going to look at was Target. Tanner loves horses! And when he saw the horse costume, he wanted it. We tried it on him in the store and he went galloping through the store. It was too cute not to get it. He threw a fit to take it off when we had to take it off in the car. He wore it a few days before halloween, it was so fun for him. He even took a nap in it one day. Then we had our ward halloween trunk or treat, and everyone put their attention on Tanner and his cute costume. It was too much for him and he wouldn't put in on after that night. I carried the costume around so people could see what he was supposed to be wearing. I'm glad we got one good picture with him in it. My favorite thing about halloween this year was that the girls wore their costumes 4 days in a row which kept my laundry low. Some of the fun things we did were: We had our Ward Trunk or Treat, a school Halloween Dance, went to wheeler farm and went on a wagon ride, corn maze, and picked a pumpkin to take home. Visited the witches at Garnder Village, and went trick or treating. Everything was so much fun!