Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quick Update

Tanner turned 3 on September 22nd! Tanner walking the girls to the bus stop.
We got a new dog named "Little Guy" He is 3 and such a great dog. He can sit, lay down, speak, shake... and his newest thing is playing dead. Not sure if he learned that before we got him, the previous owners didn't say anything about it. He is a great companion when Cassidy is working nights. And last but not least No one is allergic to him!!! Yipee! We are definitley dog people, so he's perfect for us! We've had him for 3 weeks now. The kids love him!

A few of our eggs, yum!
This egg was our very first one. We took pictures and video of it, and one of the kids (Aniston) dropped it, we laughed and said "We'll get another one tomorrow" It's been fun!
Merry Christmas! Not sure what happened that last few months, but here is a little update......
The Chickens are all doing well, they all eventually started laying eggs around 16-20 weeks. We were getting 6 eggs a day until the weather turned cold. We have been getting about 3 the last week or so. I had no idea they lay less eggs in the cold weather. Still trying to see if I can change that with light or heating sources. The kids love to play with the chickens in the backyard. The chickens weren't allowed out of their coop very often during gardening season, they would eat the tomatoes!! We almost had chicken pot pie a few times! But as long as the kids were out and watching the chickens it was okay for them to roam the yard. It was great for the grass too!
Alyssa is in 3rd grade and is doing great! Abigail is in 1st, she is doing AMAZING! Aniston is loving Kindergarten.
We bought a trampoline in the summer and it was the best purchase we have ever made! The kids love it and spent most their days on it. They are really sad that we had to put it away for winter.
Tanner turned 3 on September 22! He is so big! He still loves horses and cowboys. He is FINALLY into Cars. He loves Lightening McQueen and all the Cars 2 characters. His newest car is a black race car. THere is a black spot in the middle of the white mouth, and so Tanner calls that car his "lose tooth car" Took me a few times to figure out what he was looking for. He is so much fun, I think he loves when his sisters go to school, but he also loves when they come home.
We had a school fundraiser at Ellison Park during the month of October/November. We sold Worlds Finest Chocolate. They were $1 each and pretty easy and exciting for the kids to sell. Our school sold almost $20,000 in chocolates and profited half! The top selling class was given $100 to spend at our School Book Fair, Abigail's class won! I was so glad because I LOVE her teacher!! Abigail was one of the top 2 sellers and she won an Ipod Nano touch screen and also $25 to Build a Bear. My kids all together sold 11 boxes of chocolate! They did awesome! Abigail will be sharing the ipod with her sisters since they worked together.
Christmas is in 2 weeks! Yikes! And we have NO SNOW!! Luckily there is time to get snow! It's December and we haven't seen any yet! The kids are asking for Lalaloopsy dolls and Legos. Pretty easy year for Santa. Tanner is asking for Cows with horns! He is such a cowboy!