Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day (Lucky me I don't have to do much). The old home owners are gone, they lived in the house for 26 years, they were sad to be leaving. It's where they raised their children. When we first went through the house it was nice and clean (small, but nice). Now they are gone and there's so much work that needs to be done. It needs a lot of updating. So we'll be busy. I was rushing baby to come, but now if he waits 2 weeks, it will be okay. At my Dr's appt on Monday, I was dialated to a 2, and 70% thinned. It's a start. No one is letting me do anything, so I won't go into labor because we are moving. I love the backyard, and the garden. It's the best part. The peaches are almost ready, and there are a few pumpkins in the garden. We are HUGE pumpkin fans. We've missed not having a pumpkin patch the last few years. Alyssa starts school on Monday, she gets morning class, and her teachers name is Mrs. Kirshaw. She is very nervous and excited. I can't believe it's all finally here, it came so fast. The picture of the pumpkins are from our old pumpkin patch when we lived in Woods Cross.

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BJ said...

Dude, you never called for help. If you guys need anything, let us know.