Sunday, September 21, 2008

New home

Here are some pictures of the outside of our new home. I love all the flowers, plants, trees, and garden. We've had tons of tomatoes and zucinni in the week we've been there. The peach tree is a big hit with the kids. I love gardening, so this is perfect for me. We finished the kids room. New paint, carpet, base molding and chair rail. Cass did an awesome job!! It's a good size room, the girls will fit in there until we get the addition finished (we're going to turn the carport into 2 kids rooms, since there are only 2 rooms upstairs). One project at a time. Thanks for everyone who volunteered to help us move. Cass and my Dad loaded everything in the garage and we brought in one box at a time. We'll invite you all over soon.
Alyssa started school and loves it, she gets to ride the bus, so she feels like such a big kid. She already has lots of friends. Abbie and Anna loved going to church today, they weren't the only kids in nursery. They are loving their new house.
We are scheduled to have the baby on Monday September 29th. The closer it comes, the more nervous I am getting about having 4 kids. It seems like such a handful. We'll let everyone know as soon as baby comes. If you don't here from us this week, the 29th it is! YIKES!!


Scott and Karin said...

Having your own house again! Isn't it the best? Congrats and good luck with Tanner!

Samantha said...

Cute house Mel. I hope everything goes well with labor and delivery. You will be great. Your kids are awesome and you will do fine with one more.

BJ said...

That looks exactly like the twin of your old house.