Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aniston Jenice

Aniston, Anna, AJ, Age, Anna-B's, AnnaBelle, she answers to anything! She is now 4 years old, and thinks she is a grown up! When Aniston was born, she came out with dark red skin and black hair. She has big dark brown eyes! We weren't sure where all the darkness came from, so Cassidy decided to do some reasearch in his family tree. His Grandpa was dark, but he wasn't sure why. What we found out was that Cassidy's Great Great Grandpa was African American, and his Great Great Grandma was from Switzerland, and Cassidy's Great Grandpa was from Spain. We found some old census records that showed us this info. It was really neat to be able to find this out. And now we know why Aniston is so dark!

Alyssa has said recently that she thinks Jesus gave Anna to the wrong family, because she is so dark. And Anna has said that her Mom and Dad died so she came to our family. (I don't like when they learn about dying and death, and all the yucky things they learn so early in life!!)I assure her that she is ours 100%, she is just lucky to have such beautiful dark skin, curly hair and big brown eyes.

She is such a happy girl, with a sassy attitude. Alyssa says she is so "moxie" I guess that's the new word that is going around in school.

Here are some of her favorites....
Color-Pink and purple
Animal- Dumbo's
Food- pizza
Fav thing to do- Play with her Daddy
Fav toy- doll house with little dollies
Fav ride at Disneyland(she's been 3 times)- Dumbo and SplashMountain
Fav thing outside- playing in the water
best friend- Daddy, Abbie, Alyssa, Mom, and Tanner
When she grows up she wants to be a Mom that is Hannah Montana
Fav Movie-The Little Mermaid and Princess and the Frog
Fav Princess- Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella and Princess Tiana-- pretty much all of them!

We took Aniston's training wheels off her new birthday bike, and she had no problems. She still crashes into cars and bushes every once in a while, but for only being out on her bike a few times, she is doing awesome!! And it helps that we live in a cul-de-sac that has no traffic, they learn so much faster in the street.
We love you so much Aniston and are very glad that you are a part of our family!

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