Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crazy kids!!

Happy Summer! We have been having lots of fun, I'm not quite ready for it to end. I can't seem to get anything done inside my house because we have been outside so much. These pics are of my girls and thier new little swivel car thing. If anyone knows what it's called, please let me know. I need to buy 3 more. I hear they aren't cheap, but my kids all love them. A neigbor gave it to us, and they love it. Even Tanner gets on and goes. The girls start at the top of the driveway and fly down and turn and go down the side walk. It's fun for me too taking the kids for a ride. I was just noticing in the pictures that non of the girls are wearing shoes and Anna has her feet resting on the wheel covers...probably not the safest thing. Oops! Oh well, no one got hurt and they were having fun!


Fun Family Times said...

My sister has one and everyone rides it around her house on the wood floors. Her older boys are 15 & 16 and they ride it too! They are awesome. (I think I have seen them at Walmart?)

Samantha said...

They are called wiggle cars. My Mom knows a cheap place to buy them in Salt Lake. She got the girls one and said it was $29.99. I think it's the factory where they make them is where she got it. I will let you know the address if you want.