Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Adventures

We have found a few new places this week, and I am sad to say that I haven't had my camera when we have gone out. That's not a norm for me. We like to drive by Hill AirForce Base and watch the huge airplanes take off and land, take off and land. They do it tons of time practicing taking off and landing. We drive down the street and follow it as it makes it's landing and we try to get in the perfect spot so the plane is right over us. The kids love it. On Wednesday night, we wanted to go to Artic Circle for some ice cream, but the rode was blocked off and so we decided to go to Dairy Queen instead. We noticed a rode on the east side of the base (NOTE: There are signs all over the main road saying you can't park to watch the jets). We went down the road and there were no signs saying we couldn't park there. So we watched the jets moving around on the ground, but they wern't taking off. That's when we went to Dairy Queen, got some Dilly Bars, and went back down that road. We watched as the jets lined up on the runway, and at 9:00pm we heard recorded music playing the TAPS ( I think that's what it's called, the military music). And right after the music got done playing, 4 jets took off one at a time. It was awesome! We get to see jets flying above our house all day, and we always have to stop and look, but it was so much cooler going and seeing them take off, especially after playing the music. It was really cool.

Our next fun place we discovered last night was in Syracuse. Called the Jensen Nature Park. They had a pond/mini lake that you can fish in. There was a walking path all around it, there were families with bikes, you can walk your dog if it's on a leash. There were Pelican type birds, and lots of other smaller birds that I haven't seen before. It was really fun. Cass had his fishing pole and tried fishing for catfish (it was the only bait he had). The girls aren't patient fishers, so we walked around the water and watched the birds. It was really fun. There is a lot of grassy areas for picnics, and also a few pavilions with picnic tables. It was such a neat place. I am sure we will be going there often.

It's so fun finding new things and places. I can't wait for our next adventure. The kids and I haven't been to Antelope Island, maybe that can be our next destination.

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Scott and Karin said...

I love finding new places to go! Too bad all of those places are at least an hour drive for us.