Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birds and Ducks!!

Layton Park Ducks

Disneyland Ducks

When Alyssa was small and we lived in Woods Cross, there was a neighborhood Pigeon that lived across the street. One day while I was at work, Cassidy and Alyssa caught the bird and brought it in the house. Ever since then, they have been on a qwest to capture and feed birds, ducks, and chickens. Anywhere we go, they try and catch some kind of bird. Last year at Wheeler Farm all the kids were holding pigeons. We had out of town family with us, and they were disgusted that my kids were holding these disease infested birds. It was funny to see their reaction. A few years ago Alyssa held a small rooster at Wheeler Farm, she was heart broken when she had to put it down, when ever we went back to the farm, she'd always look for her little friend. The kids have made pies for birds, and set up a trap to try and catch them, birds came and ate the pies, but didn't get caught in the traps. At the Layton Park, they feed ducks from their hands. The most recent encounter were some ducks at Disneyland that the kids were feeding. Now it really is Everywhere we go! I think it's teaching them patience. They have to sit and wait sometimes for a few minutes for the birds to come to them. They love it!! They also enjoy holding trianchulas at the Davis County Fair..yuck!!

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