Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Vacation

We started the summer off by going to St George for a family reunion with Cass' family. We stayed at the WorldMark condo's. They were really nice, it was like a house, they were fully furnished. They had a kids pool that was 2 feet deep. Alyssa was a little fish, swimming under the water. Abbie got brave and learned to go under the water. She was so proud of herself. We had a lot of fun. We were there from (june 11-june 16th) On June 16th, we decided to head to San Diego California. Cass had the week off work, and we were almost 1/2 way there. Normally we go to Disneyland every year, but in the summer it's so crowded, and we decided to try something different. We started off by going to SeaWorld on Tuesday evening when we got into town, we watched the Shamu show and sat in the "soak zone". We got soaked!! My favorite thing to see are the Polar Bears. We were back at SeaWorld on Wednesday. We liked touching the star fish, Abbie really liked holding the sea cucumber. Thursday we went to the San Diego Zoo. They had a family of Orangutans that were having their morning breakfast. There were two polar bears that were playing in and out of the water, it was fun to watch. They had a hippo that was in the water, we call him MotoMoto. Friday we went to the Wild Animal Park. There were 3 lions, one "lion king", Abbie's favorite. There were animals roaming freely together. rhino's, giraffes (tons of them) antelope, it was as though it was really Africa. They had 6 gorilla's, they were being fed by the zoo keeper. One did the sign for "eat". They are smart animals. We ended our vacation today at the beach in the morning, and SeaWorld afterwards. . We saw the dolphin show, and touched the manta rays. It was a lot of fun this week being here in San Diego, we did a lot of things, and saw a lot. Disneyland is more our thing, there was so much walking at the Zoo and Wild Animal park, we saw mostly birds, monkeys, plants and trees. We are going to keep our tradition of going to Disneyland in March. We also stopped by the SanDiego temple, it was beautiful. Tomorrow we drive home and get back into real life. We'll pick up Toby, I'm sure he'll be a few more inches tall. It's hard to see the pictures, but you get the idea.

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