Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Puppy Love!

This is Toby, our 6 week old Great Dane puppy. Cass surprised the girls with him on Sunday. He is such a great dog. He is great with the kids. He is lazy, he sleeps a lot. He loves attention, and likes to be with us. He lays around where ever we are. Our only problem so far is that he likes to pee everywhere, and all the time. If you have any tips on house training, let us know. We want him to be an inside dog, even if he is going to be the size of a horse.
Missy our bulldog is fine, she is at the co-owners home with her puppies, in a few weeks they'll be sold, and Missy will be sold as well. The bunny died on friday, when I left her out in the sun too long. Yeah, I know, strike 2 for me with bunny's (my 5th grade class pet bunny died at my house during the summer).
Toby is our permanent pet. I was attatched the second I saw him.


Emily D. said...

I can't believe Tanner is sitting up! He is such a big boy!!!

Scott and Karin said...

It wasn't just your rabbit that died that week either! My ginea pig! HA! So I think that really makes it strike three...