Monday, April 20, 2009

Adventure at the Keyes house

Yesterday (Sunday April 19th) was a normal day, the girls and I went to church, Cass went to work. After church (4pm) we went home and let Missy out, let her back in and went to my parents house. Cass got home at 6:15pm to find Missy in her kennel with 2 babies. Cass had no idea what to do, Missy wasn't going to be having the puppies at our house. To make a long story short, by midnight there were 5 male pups. Missy wasn't doing well with them, she is very tempermental, and she was growling at them and acting wierd. So we decided to seperate them and take the puppies to the other people that have the male bulldog (they are part owners with us, long story). Missy stayed with us, we got everything cleaned up and fell asleep watching a movie. We woke up at 3am to Tanner crying, Cass heard a funny noise in Missy's kennel, and she had a GIRL puppy. They were able to bond and Missy did well with her through the night. Missy was reunited with all her puppies this morning and is doing well with them. We just heard a little while ago that she just had another GIRL! She is still having puppies!!! What?!?!?! They were thinking she was ready to have another one. We'll see. So far 5 boys and 2 girls. Crazy! The pictures aren't very good, but at least there are a few. I hope this all sounds okay and makes sense.
Missy is an American Bulldog. I don't recommend this type of dog if you want a good family dog (I hear the short fat bulldogs are good family dogs). Now that we don't have her anymore, my kids want a Great Dane. We'll see.....

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