Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Alyssa

Alyssa turned 6 years old yesterday. I am so proud of her. She is doing great in school. She is starting to read, her teacher says she is definitely ready for 1st grade. Alyssa loves doing arts and crafts. She learned to ride her bike without training wheels last year. Cassidy bought her a new bike for her birthday. The one thing that she REALLY wanted was a bunny. A real bunny. So I suprised her with one. We went to the country store on Saturday and she found one she liked. I told her I'd buy it for her when I had more money. Cass got the girls in the car and I went back in the store and bought it. I had it in a box at my feet in the car. I bought a huge bag of bunny food and told her it was fertilizer for the grass when I got it in the car. I gave it to her at her party on sunday, and she was so suprised. The bunny is so good, she plays with it non stop when she gets home from school. It just hangs out with her or hops around. It is fun having her birthday close to easter. We had a bunny party, and she got her bunny. I think it was fun for her. Happy Birthday Alyssa!


Krystal said...

You are a great mom. I have a no pets policy.

Kyle said...

If you end up not liking the bunny think of it more as food storage. Sara makes an awesome soup called poachers pourage or something. Just tell the kids it's chicken soup. Not to be too insensitive but we thought about raising rabbits for that purpose. Enjoy the food, I mean pet.

Alexis said...

Just don't leave it out in the heat. ;) Rabbit killer. lol