Sunday, February 1, 2009

January is over?

What happened to January? It's gone, I can't believe it. Abbie had her 4th birthday last Sunday the 25th. She is getting to be so big. She got a new pink booster seat, so she really thinks she's big. We started out the month with Tanner having ear infections. We had him on antibiotics and he's much better. He is trying to sit on his own, he doesn't care about rolling over. Alyssa has a loose tooth, her front top tooth, it was loose before Christmas, it's alomost out now. Aniston is making us call her AJ (Aniston Jenice) if we call her Anna or Aniston, she says "No, I'm AJ". It's cute. Abbie sometime says "Call me Abigail". They are fun, and they keep us very busy. I have been making crafts and playing with the kids. Cass has gotten into Geneology and is trying to find out why Anna is so dark. He is building his family tree, he is really enjoying it.
This picture was taken 2 yrs ago when we got Lagoon passes. I came across it, and thought it was funny.

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