Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Abigail!

My little Abigail turned 6 on January 25th! She is getting so big. She decided this year she did not like cake. So we had an Ice Cream Sundae party. It turned out so fun! Abigail loves kindergarten and is starting to read. It's so fun to listen to her read the books she brings home from school. We LOVE her teacher Mrs Kershaw! A few things Abigail got for her birthday are puzzles, movies, Littlest Pet Shops, Model Magic Clay, a much needed BIKE, Flexeez (that's whats on her head in the pictures-Abs and her cousins made bday crowns) a new dress and a bunkbed for her baby dolls. It was a fun day!! We also went out for ice cream with the Keyes. It's a fun tradition to go to LeatherBy's on the kids birthdays.
Some of Abigails favorite things are:
Animal-Horses, Lions and Tigers
Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite Movie:Cats don't Dance
Favorite Holiday: Easter, Christmas, and Valentines Day
Favorite Season: Summer-so she can ride her new birthday bike
We love you Abigail!! Thanks for being my little sweetheart!!

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