Thursday, October 21, 2010

Peanuts, get your peanuts!!

I had some extra space in my garden this spring, so the kids and I went to J&J Garden Center, and all they had left were peanuts. Yes, Peanuts! So we thought we would get some and try them out. My garden wasn't very successful this year, so sad! I tore it all out last week and decided to dig up the peanuts. From the pictures you can see that I didn't get much. But something is better than nothing. I feel like I succeeded with the peanuts, I didn't know if I would get any. Next year I would like to try again. I pulled them up way too soon. There were tiny little peanut sprouts that I am sure would have grown if I would have left the plants in the ground. When Aniston and I opened the peanut today, they were small like pinenuts and did not taste very good at all. Better Luck next year!!

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Fun Family Times said...

That's pretty cool, I didn't even know you could grown peanuts here.