Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dutch oven Peach Cobbler

I don't plan on posting all my Dutch oven meals, but this dessert was so yummy!! I was a little hesitant about the recipe. You add the dry cake mix on top of the peaches that are layered on the bottom of the dutch oven. And then you pour the peach juice on top of the dry cake mix. I have never heard of this. And all the recipes in all the cookbooks that are for Dutch Ovens are just like this. So I had to try it! The girls put all the ingredients in, and after they went to bed Cass and I ate it. My neighbor made a yummy strawberry dessert that she shared, so they didn't go to bed without dessert. After we took the peach cobbler out, non of it was stuck to the dutch oven. It all came out clean. That never happens in my home oven. I read in a recipe book tonight that the more you use the dutch oven, the more non-stick it becomes. This is my way of cooking!!

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Fun Family Times said...

Look, so easy little girls can do it. It looks really yummy! We did fresh blueberries up in Oregon last summer, it was delicious.