Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy #5 Abigail!!!

Everytime we went to Walmart Abigail had to ride the Spiderman Bike. That's what she wanted for her birthday. Before her birthday she saw spiderman cupcakes, and decided she wanted those instead of a spiderman bike. I quickly agreed, and she agreed that in the spring we would buy her a girl bike. Abigail's birthday was on January 25th, she is now a big 5 year old getting ready for Kindergarten in the Fall. She is ready, but I am not, so we won't rush it! Abigail loves horses, lions, and Tigers. She can recognize and write all her letters, she can count to 100 (I help her when she gets to 30, 40, 50...) She is very proud of all the things she can do, and reminds us almost daily of her accomplishments. A few of them are... she is good at i-fly, she can climb a rock wall, ride her bike with no training wheels, hold her breath under water, and also paddle. She says some pretty funny things. Aniston was sick and was having soup for dinner recently. Abigail said "What?!?! she isn't having any of this delicious spaghetti?" I ask her how she knows things and she replys "Because I am a smarty pants!"
-If you'll notice in the background what Tanner does best---climbs on everything!!

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Scott and Karin said...

While I was reading this Annicka came up to me and asked, "Who is that?" I said, "Abbie and she just turned five, just like you!" "I want to play with her right now!"